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Bonded rubber mulch has numerous benefits to both the users and owners. It is often installed in varying depths to suit the intended purpose. Specifications are met to ensure that children using them are safe. The bonded rubber mulch surfaces present an ordinary look to suit existing scenery design and deliver critical characteristics.

Cape Coral Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber Mulch

 The appearance offers more benefits as the surfacing looks natural. Cape Coral safety surfacing installs playgrounds using bonded rubber mulch. It is suitable in the United States, as it is porous, allowing water to surpass easily. It is suitable for all-weather making it the best option to opt for. The surfacing is adaptable in that it can be fitted anywhere around apart from the playgrounds. Here are some of the advantages of bonded rubber mulch. 


The material used in the manufacturing of this bonded rubber mulch is from recycled shred truck tires. It is eco-friendly in that it reduces the landfill and the carbon dioxide that the tires might emit. It beautifies the land as the raw materials, which are the tires, are taken for use. Space that was used as storage for the tires is being reassigned into beneficial activities like farming. Recycling this product into bonded rubber mulch safeguards the environment as degradation is no longer the case. When the mulch is used in installing the playground, children can play safely in a conducive environment.


The product can be laid directly on the ground. It requires minimal preparation in installation into a playing ground. When you are on a tight budget, you may save some costs as it does not require professionalism. Installing can also go forward without edging. It can be beneficial on surfaces of playing grounds. Parents no need to dig cheaper for their children to have a conducive playing environment.

Available In a Range of Depths

Bonded rubber mulch in Florida is laid in bulk to be easily installed in vast depths. A playground is facilitated, thus ensuring a safer environment for our children.

 Available In Range of Colors

Bonded rubber mulch creates a safe playground. The aesthetic part of the rubber mulch is that it comes in a variety of natural colors. Your playground will be brightening up with beautifully blended colors. This will give your children a joyful moment during their play. As their playground is brightened up, so makes their mind. As a parent, you feel good when your children are playing and at the same time sharpening their skills.

Looks Natural 

After being recycled, they maintain their natural look. They stay in place bounding and also making them be easily maintained. Cape carol safety surfaces in the United States of America may absorb them and naturally install a playground surface. In this way, they facilitate an enabling suitable playing environment, making it easier for children to preserve the environment naturally.

Impact Absorbent

This is one of the safety advantages of bonded rubber mulch surfaces. They are shock-absorbing in that it cushions when one falls on them. This is an exemplary aspect of a children’s playground. Their safety is being enforced during their play, and they might fall but with a small impact. They can learn how to skate quickly as they might be prone to falling with no or minimum injuries

Porous surfaces

Bonded rubber mulch surfaces are porous in that they cannot be affected by diverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall. When you install a mulch surface playground, it will last for a long time as it does not get affected by water. Also, it can be cleaned easily with water, enhancing children’s tidiness.

It is Flexible 

 Bonded rubber mulch is flexible in that it can be installed easily. When your children are demanding a safer playing ground no need to panic about the expenses as your budget might be tight. You only need to search for experienced personnel and install a playground at a favorably low cost.

Ideal In All Weather

Bonded rubber mulch surfaces are suitable in all weather patterns. It absorbs and drains out the water during heavy rainfall, while in summer, it retains its physical conditions.

It Is Maintainable 

After installation, bonded rubber surfaces can last for an extended period without being repaired. These are cut out on budget as it does not require maintenance services. It can last for a long time without tearing and wear.

Play Area Safety Surface Designs

Bonded rubber mulch surfaces are the best designs with colorful options for both children’s and adult’s facilities. This creates more remuneration to the surfaces. The most popular colors are green due to the camouflage from the environment and brown from the woodlands. If you want a more assorted visual appearance in a scenario, the shade choices could be generated to lay out more variety. Customers can select an original design and fashion which accommodates their budget needs. Rubber mulch requires little preparation mechanism.

Bonded mulch rubber can be applied to almost all other surface types. You can decide to lay it on top of grass to plaster up patches. It is flexible in that it could be installed along with existing features. It is cost-friendly and cheap as no considerable amount is needed. Most of all, it can be used by Cape Coral safety surfacing to install a playground for your children.

Your children will have a safe playground. A bonded rubber mulch surface will reduce accidents associated with playgrounds. The surface is designed to absorb the impact when a child falls down or on it. This ensures that even if they are playing independently, they are still safe as they will not be exposed to injuries. Another advantage is that it is not affected by water. This makes it easier for cleaning and maintaining the tidiness of the children. It is not expensive to install and does not require maintenance cost as it is durable. It is designed in a way that it absorbs noise making the neighborhood to be noise-free from the playground.