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Playground surfacing materials widely vary in terms of accessibility, safety, up-front cost, and the maintenance needed. It is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each Playground Safety Surfacing material. The surfacing solution for your playground has to meet your set objectives and create a fun space.

Children are attracted to beautiful colors, so an eye-catching surface will be the best way to go. A playground surface has to also be safe and convenient to all users. Below are several playground surfacing options to consider along with their advantages. 

Cape Coral Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

Sand, gravel, wood chips, Engineered Wood Fiber are all considered to be loose-fill playground surfaces. They are of low cost; hence you can get a natural and safe look for your playground.

  • They blend beautifully and naturally into surroundings and complement eco-friendly playgrounds.
  • When it comes to loose-fill material, the upfront cost may be low but maintaining it will be costly. It has to be refilled annually because the particles are easily displaced during play.
  • These surfacing materials meet the height and safe fall standards.
  • Loose-fill playground surface materials offer good drainage capacity and are easy to install.
  • When installed at the appropriate depths, loose-fill surfacing materials are excellent because of their excellent shock-absorbing properties.

Bonded rubber is a perfect unitary surfacing for playgrounds, especially for those who want a natural look but with a low budget. It is safe, easy to maintain and durable. This Playground Safety Surfacing is aesthetically pleasing and offers an attractive option to the traditional mulch. It is well suited for paths and walkways in playgrounds.

  • Hot and cold temperatures, high humidity does not affect its effectiveness.
  • Bonded rubber cannot be displaced.
  • It has a textured and leveled slip-resistant surface.
  • It is safe – does not contain chemicals.
  • This rubber surfacing does not allow the growth of microbial organisms.
  • The Cape Coral Safety Surfacing professionals can also install bonded rubber on water play surfaces. It is chlorine resistant and stable in terms of UltraViolet rays hence suitable for a water play environment.

Installing synthetic turf on your playground will give a more natural texture and look, unlike natural grass.

  • Low maintenance cost-cutting and watering the surface is not necessary.
  • Synthetic turf can withstand hot and cold temperatures – does not turn brown.
  • It is clean and safe – you will not need to spray chemicals because it does not attract pests or grow weeds.
  • Has an excellent drainage capacity - Cape Coral Safety Surfacing experts ensure that they drill enough holes during the installation process. The holes will assist in the fast drainage of water; hence flooding will not occur.

This playground surfacing is convenient for low-level play areas. They come in a range of colors that can be easily mixed and matched to attain a classic pattern.

  • They are water-resistant.
  • Rubber tiles can withstand high-foot traffic.
  • They are great noise and heat absorbers.
  • This playground surfacing is safe and durable.
  • Convenient and easily accessible.

One of the most important steps while considering the construction of an outdoor recreational playground is safety surfacing. The surface of the playgrounds should be safe for kids, have a certain aesthetic appeal along with fun colors to attract children. And these conditions can be fulfilled by playground safety surfacing. Playground safety surfacing is an effective process wherein a layer of safety material is installed over the hard ground. It absorbs fall impact offers ample protection to kids. Cape Coral Safety Surfacing can provide the desired safety surfacing material in high quality.

You need not worry if you are not aware of the right material for your playground safety surfacing. We can help you find/select the best material that suits your area. Choosing the right safety surfacing material can significantly help in preventing injuries at the playground. So, the importance of it cannot be ignored. Here are mentioned some frequently used materials for safety surfacing.

Cape Coral Safety Surfacing-Poured-In-Place Rubber

Why choose Cape Coral Safety Surfacing?

There is a range of pointers/factors to consider for choosing us as your safety surfacing provider:

  • Latest technology: the process used at our organization is new which makes us more effective. The methodology used for rubber mixing, adhesive chemistry, and bonding process is quite advanced. So, you can expect the best.
  • Expert team of professionals: working on safety surfacing for such a long time has provided the required skill to perform the task. 
  • In-depth analysis of the work done: We prepare the area carefully, and all the aspects are taken into consideration while constructing the playground.
  • Pre-surface treatment: before laying the material on the playground, we perform our own pre-surface treatment to provide the best service, which will work for longer time spans. 

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