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Cape Coral Safety Surfacing installs safety surfaces in a way that protects children from serious injuries like death or even Traumatic Brain Injuries. It is made from soft cushioning and safe materials that are safe. We use materials that meet the safety surfacing standard, the thickness of the surfacing is correct according to the product’s fall height. Safety surfacing needs water-permeable, solid, and leveled ground underneath for better surfacing of the ground. There are a wide range and variety of color options that will assist you in coordinating the scheme of your playground. Apart from color, there are also a number of surfacing options, from loose-fill, bonded to the turf. Your need and use of safety surfacing will determine what surfacing you should go for.

 When it comes to safety surfacing, there are a number of options in the market, making it a hustle to settle on one. These are the important and most crucial factors that will assist you in picking the safety surfacing for your surfaces.

Cape Coral Safety Surfacing-Safety Surfacing


Falls and injuries are inevitable things while walking, playing, or running, this is why, and a surface must have safety surfacing to protect people from this. Due to the increased cases of injuries, many are opting for safety surfacing options that they can rely on especially when it comes to children. Cape Coral Safety Surfacing fall height protection rate of its safety surfaces is more than the maximum height of the equipment installed on the grounds.

For a surface to be termed as safe, it should also create a non-slip surface that will reduce the friction of the shoes and the ground. This helps in inhibiting falls and slips. Another factor to consider is whether the surface is safe to be able to absorb shock.

Environment Factors

While choosing the ideal safety surface for your ground, you should consider checking if the surfacing is eco-friendly. This applies to both outdoor and indoor surfaces. It is also critical to pay attention to how well its drainage capability is. Does it allow water to drain fast or it floods in case of rain?

Be keen on whether the surfacing can withstand high or low temperatures and also how well it can reflect ultraviolet rays. Check on the local climatic conditions and other environmental factors when making a safety surfacing decision.


High-foot traffic surfaces will definitely require a more durable surfacing option to ensure that the safety standards are met. Before installing the safety surfacing, get to know who your target is. Is it children, the aged, athletes? Always ensure that surfacing meets the guidelines and standards of the particular age group.

Safety surfacing must be able to withstand spills, intensive activities, and maximum foot traffic. It has to be strong and durable enough because these factors can quickly diminish it as its safety is compromised and the material gets degraded. Safety surfacing materials that are mainly safe are those that are made from recycled, synthetic, or natural products.

Make sure that the surfacing is also highly resistant to wear and tear. You would not want to install safety surfacing at a high cost yet it will not serve you for a long time. When it comes to children, go for the surfacing that can be adequately strong because they are very active hence a lot of friction.

A good and safe surfacing material has to be nonporous. Meaning, it should be made of material that does not decompose. To save on money, time, and maintenance cost, check if the surfacing material is strong enough not to be blown away or get subject to fungal issues.


An ideal surface has to be accessible to all, from playgrounds, pathways to parks with absolutely no discrimination or hardship. The surfaces not only need to be pleasing to the eyes but also be convenient for all.

A safety surface has to comply and meet the ADA compliant requirements. This is for those who require special structures for easy movement, in short, the disabled: people with wheelchairs, walkers, scooters. Choose material that will allow free movement for all with minimal resistance especially to those with disabilities.

 Some safety surfacing may not be the best option for those with special needs, get to do profound research on its pros and cons before installing them. Avoid any inconvenience and go for professional safety surfacing help, services and installation. The location of where you place the safety surfacing should be put into consideration too.

Warranty Period

Safety surfacing is not only a safe move but also an investment. As you choose a safe surfacing for your grounds, settle on material that is durable. There is an incredibly wide range of safety materials that you can choose from, so go for one that offers a long-term warranty.

With the help of professionals, you will attain the needed knowledge and guidance on what the safety surfacing material you want to install offers in terms of its longevity. A surface that offers minimal maintenance but still complies with the necessary factors for a good and safe surface.

In the market, there are safety surfacing materials that can last for up to 10 years yet with minimal maintenance compared to natural ones. From floors to playgrounds, safety surfacing may initially be expensive but with time, they are able to pay for themselves. With the right installation process and maintenance, the safety surfacing material will serve you well and for a long period of time.

Surface Traction and Sound Resistance

For you to install a safe surfacing material, surface traction is an important factor to consider. Check how well they respond to both wet and dry weather conditions. Some surfaces may offer great traction ability, while others don’t. This is a critical factor when it comes to outdoor surfaces. Sound and comfort should also be looked at when choosing a reliable safety surface. In areas where noise cannot be controlled, you may want to choose safety surfacing that is soundproof. You can get all these surfaces from Cape Coral Safety Surfacing at very affordable rates.