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There comes a time when we need change and may be considering rubber tiles for your business or at home.  Rubber tiles are made from 100% natural rubber.  They come in two types, the basic rolls, and the interlocking tiles. They are both the same in terms of characteristics and properties but have their differences too. Knowing the difference between the duo will assist you in making you buy the ideal product you need and also to make the right choice.

Cape Coral Safety Surfacing-Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles typically improve the appearance of a room. They may seem cheaper but they have a short lifespan because rubber tiles end up warping when there is a harsh climate, extremely hot and cold conditions. These are the pros of getting yourself rubber tiles;

Great Soundproof Barriers

They are very efficient when it comes to sound barriers. They both act as good in absorbing sound and also blocking it. Sound is blocked from coming into the premise where the rubber tiles are installed. In case it is installed in places like the gym where there are vigorous activities and noise, the rubber tiles act as great sound absorbers.

This rubber surfacing has made its way into the market at large and has numerous uses. From homes to recreational and business premises, rubber tiles are a great investment. In real estates, they are mainly used in the flooring of the apartments hence noise coming from the above and below the floor is limited. This assures a peaceful living environment. When it comes to these tiles, you will not go and will definitely be the best decision to have made.


Rubber is naturally soft, the tiles therefore will make you feel easy while walking and due to its cushioning, you will be more productive and less tired as the day goes by. Standing and working on a hard surface may be crucial and tiresome. There are increased leg, back and foot pain cases, the soft surface will be the best option to curb all this.

 The surfacing is also known as an anti-fatigue tile not only does it provide comfort but also has great elasticity properties. During the hot temperatures, it is able to withstand the pressure making it comfortable for you all day to walk or work on. Leaving you with more energy and for homes or areas with children, it is reliable for it is safe for them.

Aesthetics and Design

There are a number of designs and colors available by the manufacturers. These tiles are able to create checkerboard patterns making them an ideal option when you want cool designs for your flooring surface.  Cape Coral Safety Surfacing offers a variety when it comes to the designs and also offers rubber tiles services. As time goes by, the tiles tend to lose their aesthetic appeal but this does take time.

The tiles mostly come in square shapes. This however does not limit one from getting them, the rubber tiles are soft and can be cut into your desired shapes. For both beauty and outstanding design, they are suitable.

Durable and Affordable

This long-lasting, durable, and long-lasting surface is a great deal. The rubber flooring has a wide variety of applications and uses and can be used in almost all working environments especially in workout areas. Rubber tiles are extremely resilient and durable and offer good grip, stability, and an outstanding good grip.

The high level of friction resistance of rubber enables use in heavy traffic areas for a long period of time. its installation, these are easy to do making the installation cost low. It comes in two installation techniques; For Puzzle pieces – such tiles are installed by mainly clicking the pieces like puzzles. The pieces fit in perfectly and the process is very easy to do. It takes literally a short time to create the desired look.

In case a tile is cracked or in bad shape, you do not have to demolish the whole tile flooring but instead, just replace it. This is an indescribably wise and cost-saving option because it requires little maintenance. Rubber tiles look great and perform well, installing this flooring is an incredible idea.


This type of flooring is soft and comfortable underneath, the rubber tiles can be made thicker; this will make it even softer to walk, run or work on making it more comfortable. It offers the best cushioning underfoot. Rubber tiles provide a good grip, withstand heavy loads, and high impact activity. Rubber tiles are generally ADA compliant and meet accessibility requirements. However, the spaces between tiles may make movement tiresome for with physical movement impairment i.e. wheelchairs or other mobility equipment.  Plus, if tiles begin to warp or crack, mobility can be significantly impacted.

When it comes to safety, installing the rubber tiles you are assured of a seamless and natural surface that offers superb shock absorption. Its good drip and great traction surface make it safe from tripping therefore safe in case of falling. It is also slip-resistant.

Rubber tiles are also fire and burn-resistant. Unlike wood flooring, they will actually protect your home in case of a fire. Having a layer of fire-resistant rubber can stop a fire from spreading, or more importantly prevent it from starting. An advantage too unlike other materials when they were to burn. Rubber tiles do not release toxic chemicals.

Maintenance and Repair

Since the installation cost may not cost much because the labor needed is also limited because the process is mainly fast. Have a budget before wanting to install these tiles. The rubber tiles are an adequately low maintenance surface when they are in the right order. 

 A regular inspection and cleaning in case of any foreign objects hidden or buried in between the spaces of the tiles are typically all that is needed.  However, if the rubber tile curves or shifts, these playgrounds can turn into a hectic nightmare but you will need to change the misshaped ones only, thanks to the puzzle sequence. You can get this installation from us at very affordable market rates.